Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Attendance: I Thought I Was An Adult

Ok, so I had said since the beginning of this blog that it was going to be all over the place. My last post was about dignity loss due to drunkenness, but now I am actually annoyed about another topic, Attendance in college. It is something I am sure can relate to everyone who is in college and it is something that frustrates everyone, at least from my knowledge. Why do professors and even colleges find it necessary to penalize students for missing class?! It is our choice to go to class and it is our money that we are wasting, in the end the professors still are being paid. So why say that we can only miss two or three classes and after that our grades will be dropped so many points or a whole letter? Personally, I don't find it necessary to attend EVERY SINGLE CLASS especially when all the work is either online or power points. Im not saying that it is completely unnecessary to go to class at all, because I do believe you need to be in class for certain times, but definitely not all of them and even if we did, it is my choice not to go. It is MY money I am wasting and money I will have to pay back when i graduate. Also, another problem I have with the attendance policy is that, I am still maintaining a good GPA, one that I am satisfied with and I still do well on my tests, homework, and assignments whether I am in class of not. I just do not understand why professors truly care so much when every week they still receive their paycheck, not based on attendance. I am an adult and have been in college now for three and a half years, by now I should be able to know when I need to be in class and when I do not need to be in class, isn't understanding those concepts part of growing up? Being responsible for my decisions and actions, including what happens when I miss class falls on me, no one else. I just don't understand why at the age of 21, I am still having to deal with attendance!

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